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Privacy Protection

@@@Morimoto Co., Ltd. establishes privacy protection as follows;

         The following policies show how Morimoto Co., Ltd. uses and manages personal information
      in order to conduct our website. Morimoto Co., Ltd. observes the laws of privacy protection and
      thinks that it is the most important that we appropriately collect, use and manage personal
      information thoroughly in our office.

     y Definitions of Terms z

         As for personal information that Morimoto Co., Ltd. mentions, it means a name, an e-mail
      address, a telephone number, an address, a company name, a department name, a customer record
     and a purchase history, other contatct address and information which can identify a specific
     individual by confirming a piece of information or combining some information related to purchase

     y About the use of the personal information z

         We make use of personal information for the following purpose of using personal information.
      In addition to it, we make use of personal information as far as it is necessary for the
      accomplishment of business.

      (1) Management of the users and customers.
      (2) Notification of matters which are necessary for the conduct of this website,
           including notification by mail.
      (3) Notification of advertisement for new products, exhibition and demonstration schedule
           including notification by mail.
      (4) Packing and shipment of our products.
      (5) Charge and Billing.
      (6) Inserting questions, inquiries and impression of our products that users contribute
           in the website.
      (7) Dealing with various inquiries, after-sale service.
      (8) Accomplishing business entrusted to us, in the case of business of handling personal
           information that other companies entrust us with.
      (9) The exertion of authority and fulfillment of obligation based on contract and law.
      (10) Examination of business alliance.

     y About the management of customers' personal information z

         We station a staff in charge of unified management of personal information. And, we carry out
      appropriate management of the personal information. In addition to it, we instruct and
      make an effort into personal information protection.

     y About provision of personal information z

         As we appropriately protect our customers' personal information, we will not disclose or give
      the personal information including name, address, telephone number and e-mail to a third party
      without customers' consent, except for the case of acceptance to reveal the information by
      the law of personal information protection or other laws. As for the management of personal
      information, please contact us.

     y About security z

         We stringently manage personal information based on standards for our prescribed management.
      In addition to it, we take measure to prevent loss, destruction, manipulation, and access to
      personal information.

     y About provision of personal information to our business alliance and websites linked to ours. z

         We are not concerned with the services or websites of the third party which can be accessed
      through our business alliance or our website. In addition to it, we are not concerned with the
      use of personal information collected individually on the website linked with our website.
      Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for independent rules and activity of other companies
      on their websites at all. Please confirm privacy of each website.

     Established on August 29, 2012
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