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Plating Solutions

       On the basis of plenty of our experience, our vaious plating solutions are intoroduced to

    y Plating solutions z  F

Rhodium Plating Solution Characteristics
  EExcellecnt whiter color and uniform beautiful luster will be
  EContent : Rh2gC3g / L i PH F 2.0 or less j
  ESupplement agent :
    FW F 5g / 100ccCF F 10g / 100ccC‚v F 10g / 500cc

Palladium Plating Solution Characteristics
  EAs this Palladium solution is blended with Nickel, plating sticks
    to the surface of a products strongly.
  E A beautiful luster will be obtained as undercoat.
  EContent F Pd3gC10g / LC Ni5gC6g / L i PH F 7.5`7.8 j

Pure Palladium Solution Characteristics

  EAs Nickel-free, Pure Palladium plating solution provides
    excellent white, shiny plate.
  EContent F Pd10g / L i PH F 12.5 j

Black Plating Solution Characteristics
  EIt provide stable black plating color.
  EIf gold strike plating or Palladium Plating is plated as    undercoast, Black plating becomes stronger than single plating.
  ERhodium or Ruthenium black platings are dealt in.
  EContent F Ru2gC 3g / L  Rh2g / L i PH F 2.0 j

Gold Plating Solution Characteristics

  ENon-cyanide Gold plating solution provides stable Gold plating.
  EBy adjusting plating time, 18K-24K color will be obtained.
  EContent F Au4gC10g/L i PH F 9.5 j

Silver Plating Solution Characteristics
  EAs this silver plating solution is cyanide, gloss and abrasion
    resistance will be obtained.
  EContent F Ag40g / L i PH F 12.0 j
  EThis solution requires sterling silver electrolde plate.

Pink Gold Plating Solution Characteristics

  ECyanide pink gold plating solution will maintain anti-tarnish
    and beautiful gloss.
  EContent F Au4g / L i PH F 11.0 j

Copper Plating Solution Characteristics
  ENon-cyanide copper plating is substatuted for Nickel
    plating as udercoat. i PH F 8.8 j
  EThis solution requires electrolytic copper or oxygen-free
    copper plate.
  EIt is possible to provide a thickness of 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30ƒΚ.

Platinum Plating Solution Characteristics

  EFor Jewelry, this plating solution provides gloss plating.
  EContent F Pt5g / L i PH F 5.5`6.5 j

Nickel Plating Solution Characteristics
  EAs gloss Nickel plating, it is suitable for undercoat and etc.
    i PH F 3.8`4.5 j
  EThis solution requires nickel electrodeposit plate.
  EIt is possible to provide a thickness of 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30ƒΚ.

If our above plating solutions and our plating machines are introduced,
we will be sure to instruct customers in plating.

     If you have any questions about the above products, request for a quote and place an order
     for them, please fill in an online inquiry and order form, or contact us by phone and fax.
     In order to contact us, please click here. ( The page of "inquiry and order" pops up. )

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