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w Pasteller ‡Ux
Pen-type Plating Machine

       This pen-type plating machie called "Pasteller ‡U" is capable of adjusting plating colors on
     a digital voltage display. As the way to plate products with this machine is touching a penpoint
     soaked in a plating solution to the surfaces of them, Pasteller ‡Uis suitable for pinpoint plating.
     Pasteller‡Uis basically suitable for plating goods repaired for size mend, brazing and prong.

   y Example of plating usage of Pen-type Plating Machine u Pasteller ‡Uv z  F

  1.Preparation :
      Clamp a cleaned prodcut to the clip of a black pen
      or fix it to a V-shape jig like the left image.

  2.Electrolytic Degreasing :
      Soak a penpoint for electrolytic degreasing into
      the electrolytic degreasing. Touch the pen-point
      to the product lightly and repeatedly like back
      and forth.

  3.Rinse :
      After cleaning the product, rinse it with water for
      only electrolytic degreasing. However, do not wipe
      it dry.
  4.Plating :
      After setting coltage for plating, turn off the output.
      And then, soak a penpoint of a red pen for plating into
      a plating solution. After attaching the plating solution
      to a product beforehand, turn on the output.
      After that, by touching the penpoint to the plating
      solution on the product, it will be plated.

  5.Rinse :
      Be sure to rinse the plated product with clean water
      for only plating. And then, wipe it dry.

    y A result of plating a ring with Pasteller‡U z@F

Example of Black and K18 gold plating solutions

    y Characteristics of pen-type plating machie called "Pasteller ‡U" z  F
     EThis pen-type plating machie called "Pasteller ‡U" is capable of adjusting plating colors
       on a digital voltage display.
     EThis machine is suitable for pinpoint plating.
     EThe way to plate goods with this machine is touching a penpoint soaked in a plating solution
       to the surfaces of them lightly and repeatedly.
     EThis plating machine is basically suitable for plating goods repaired for size mend,
       brazing and prong.
     EWith a sharp pen point of a red pen, it is possible to plate products finely.

    y Uses z
     ERings, Necklaces, Pierces, Pendants, Chasing, Art craft goods, Metal, Stereo plug, and Chip,

    y Not plated material z
     EAluminum, Titanium, Chrome plating, Plastic, Wood, Iron zinc, Lead, Solder, and Stainless steel

  EMeasurement F 82mmi‚vj~96mmi‚gj~
  EWeight F Approximately 2.5Kg
  EPower Supply F ‚`‚b100‚u 50/60Hz
  ERemarks F A down transformer is required to
                    adjust to 220V for foreign users.
  y Various Plating Solutionsz

  ERhodium, K24, K18, Pink Gold, and Black
    rhodium ( Each quantity : 10cc )
  EA solution in the right of the image is not
    a plating solution but electrolytic degreaser.

     If you have any questions about the above products, request for a quote and place an order
     for them, please fill in an online inquiry and order form, or contact us by phone and fax.
     In order to contact us, please click here. ( The page of "inquiry and order" pops up. )

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