Morimoto Co., Ltd. Non-cyanide Electropolishing, Plating Solutions and Machines and Jewellery Maintenace Products
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 y Electropolishing
    Solutions and Surface
    Treatment z for Gold
@@‘ PIKA GOLD
 y Electro and Chemical
    Polishing Solutions z
    for Silver
 y Equipment for
    Electropolishing z
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@@‘ Teflon Heaters
@@‘ Thermostat
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  y Pen-type Plating z
@@‘ Pasteller ‡U
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₯ Other Tools ₯
@@‘ Silicon Rubber
@@‘ WAX
@@‘ Crucible and Rod
@@‘ Point Wheel
  y Ultrasonic Cleaning z
@@‘ PIKA MAX ‡U
@@‘ Jigs
  y Electrolytic Coloring      Solution For Titanium z
@@‘ Titanika-eyu
  y Laser Weld Tarnish
     Oxide Film Remover z
@@‘ Laser Brightener
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₯ Maintenace Products ₯
  y All-purpose Washing
     Solution and Spray z
@@‘ G & S
@@‘ Foam Kirateria
  y Tarnish Removal Solution
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Rip
  y Anti-Tarnish Solution
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Keep
  y Anti-Tarnish Solution
     For Jewellery z
@@‘ Jewellery Keep ‡U
  y Tarnish Removal Cloth
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Cloth
  y Tarnish Removal Cloth
     For Only Gold z
@@‘ Gold Cloth
  y Cloth For Accessory z
@@‘ Shammy Cloth
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Company Overview

Company name
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Corporate officer

y Brief history z
   Since 1975
   in 1996

   in 1998

   in 2000

y Description of
   business z
F   Morimoto Co., Ltd.
F   2-5-23 Sekizawa, Fujimi-shi, Saitama, 354-0025 Japan
F   049-254-9341
F   049-254-9390
F   Feburary 18, 1997
F   Shusaku Morimoto, president
     Syoko Morimoto, executive director

F   Acquired jewelry processing technology.
F   Contract of technology and sales with Nihon Hyomen Kagaku for
     precious metal surface treatment.
F   Start of selling PIKA GOLD, non-cyanide electropolishing
     solution for gold to domestic and foreign cutstomers.
F   Jewelry and accessary maintenace products
     Start of selling Kirateria, Silver Rip and Silver Keep.

F   Sale of precious metal jewelry related equipment
     Sale of unique surface treatment agent idomestic and overseas j
     Sale of equipment associated with pollution prevention
     Sale of various abrasive
     Sale of jewlery accessary maintenace products

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      of our products z  F

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