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 y Electropolishing
    Solutions and Surface
    Treatment z for Gold
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    Polishing Solutions z
    for Silver
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  y Pen-type Plating z
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@@‘ Silicon Rubber
@@‘ WAX
@@‘ Crucible and Rod
@@‘ Point Wheel
  y Ultrasonic Cleaning z
@@‘ PIKA MAX ‡U
@@‘ Jigs
  y Electrolytic Coloring      Solution For Titanium z
@@‘ Titanika-eyu
  y Laser Weld Tarnish
     Oxide Film Remover z
@@‘ Laser Brightener
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₯ Maintenace Products ₯
  y All-purpose Washing
     Solution and Spray z
@@‘ G & S
@@‘ Foam Kirateria
  y Tarnish Removal Solution
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Rip
  y Anti-Tarnish Solution
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Keep
  y Anti-Tarnish Solution
     For Jewellery z
@@‘ Jewellery Keep ‡U
  y Tarnish Removal Cloth
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Cloth
  y Tarnish Removal Cloth
     For Only Gold z
@@‘ Gold Cloth
  y Cloth For Accessory z
@@‘ Shammy Cloth
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Inquiry And Order

    y Questions, quotations and orders for electropolishing / plating / other tools /
       jewelry maintenace z

     EAs regards questions, quotations and orders for electropolishing, plating, other tools or
       jewelry maintenace products, please click the following oline form. Or please contact us
       by phone or fax.

     EBefore inquring us of our jewelry maintenace products, please refer to  warnings  in advance.
       Regarding the questions about jewelry maintenance products that the warnings does not list,
       please fill in the blank space for questions of the following form.

      >>> Please click here. An online form for questions, quotations and orders pops up<<<
      ETEL : +81-49-254-9341
      EFAX : +81-49-254-9390

       In the case of sending us a fax, please be sure to write down your name, telephone number and
       fax number. For corporation, company name and contact person should be written donw. 

     ( A freight condition will vary depending on destinations. After we confirm the condition
       with air or sea transportations, quotation for your request will be sent to you.
       Therefore, please understand that it will take some time to estimat.)

     If we receive an e-mail or a form during business hours ( from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Japan Standard
     time) on Monday through Friday, we will respond to you the same day. However, if plenty of forms
     or e-mails should be sent to us, we will reply to you the following day. In the case of inquiry or
     estimate on Saturday, Sunday or national holidays, we will be sure to reply to you during office
     hours after the holidays. Please comprehend it.

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