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w Silver Keep x

Anti-tarnish Solution
For Only Silver

       Silver Keep is an anti-tarnish solution for only silver.

       Cleaned silver accessaries and jewellery will become tarnished easily like the following image.

       Even though silver products are cleaned thoroughly, it is said that they become tarnished easily.
     So we would like to introduce an anti-tarnish solution, Silver Keep, to those who request to keep
     silver shine long. Please refer to the follwoing instruction on usage of Silver Keep.

    y Usage z  F
  1. Immersion F
      Immerse a cleaned accessary or jewelry in
      undiluted solution of Silver Keep.
      Like the left image, using a S-shaped jig is
      *Warning F Before using, be sure to clean a silver
       product and remove oil from it completely.

  2. Immersion F
      Immersion time in this solution is about from 2 to
      3 minutes. And then, take the silver product out of
      the solution,

  3. Washing F
      Wash it with running water. After that, it is strongly
      recommended that the product should be washed with
      pure water or water of domestic water filter again.
      When washing the product with water in the sink,
      put a plastic vessel down inside toprevent the product
      from flowing beforehand.

  4. Drying F
      Like stroking the surface gently, wipe off water with
      material easy to absorb water such as tissue paper.
      Without wiping off water, chlorine in the water can
      cause white stains on the product. Do not rub it
      strongly, as the anti-tarnish coat is peeled off.

    y Finished z  F

Even thought a silver product is immersed in Silver Keep,
the shine and color of metal will not change.

    y Characteristics of Silver Keep, an anti-tarnish solution for only silverz  F

     ESilver Keep generates sulfuration prevention film on the surface of a silver product as chemical
       reaction. Therefore, it will prevent silver from getting tarnished long.
     ( The period of effect of anti-tarnish of Silver Keep will vary depending on place where a coated
       silver product is put.)
     EAs this solution is not sitcky or does not stain silver, the surface of product will not change after

    y Quantity z  F
  Quantity :   100ml  500ml 1,000ml
@Unit Pirce :   \1,300  \3,500 \5,500
Attachment : S-shaped jig

     EAs for wholesale price, it will be quoted for based on the lot.
     EOEM order is available.
     EIf you have any questions about usage of Silver Keep or characteristcs,
       please refer to  warnings  in advance.

     If you have any questions about the above products, request for a quote and place an order
     for them, please fill in an online inquiry and order form, or contact us by phone and fax.
     In order to contact us, please click here. ( The page of "inquiry and order" will pop up. )

    y To those who lookng for an improved anti-tarnish solution z  F

    EWe would like to introduce an improved anti-tarnish solution for jewelry called Jewellery Keep 2
      to those who have suffered from the tarnish of pink gold, plated products, jewelry or
      accessories in storage. Please try it.

w‚i‚…‚—‚…‚Œ‚Œ‚…‚’‚™ ‚j‚…‚…‚ ‡Ux
Improved anti-tarnish solution
[ Please click here to refer to
Jewellery Keep ‡U]

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