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  y All-purpose Washing
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@@‘ Foam Kirateria
  y Tarnish Removal Solution
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Rip
  y Anti-Tarnish Solution
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Keep
  y Anti-Tarnish Solution
     For Jewellery z
@@‘ Jewellery Keep ‡U
  y Tarnish Removal Cloth
     For Only Silver z
@@‘ Silver Cloth
  y Tarnish Removal Cloth
     For Only Gold z
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  y Cloth For Accessory z
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Original Equipment Manufacuturer
For Jewellery and Accessory Maintenance Commodities

    y About OEM orders z

     EOEM orders for our maintenance products including KIRATERIA, Silver Rip, Silver Keep,
       Jewellery Keep 2, G&S, Silver Cloth, Gold Cloth, Shammy Cloth is available.
     EAs to OEM orders, if you advise us of a label that you designed, we will make it for free.
     EIf you send us data of the label that you designed, the products attached with the label will be
       delivered to you.
     EOEM orders as major volume sellers, mail-order houses or classroom sales are available.

    y Samples of labels z

    y The quantities and minimum lots of OEM products z

 w KIRATERIA, Silver Rip, Silver Keep and
   Jewellery Keep‡Ux quantity and a minimum lot F
    E40‚ƒ‚ƒ / From 120 pieces
    E100‚ƒ‚ƒ / From 100 pieces
    ¦Please ask us about the number of pieces.

  w ‚f•‚r x Minimum lot F 1 box / 20 cans

  w Silver Cloth and Gold Cloth x Size im/mj F
    E125~195 / 97.5~125
    i With a mount and a plastic bag j
    E63~100 / 63~ 50
   i Without a mount and a plastic bag j

  w Shammy Cloth x Sizeim/mj F
    E75~150 i With a mount and a plastic bag j
    E150~150 i Without a mount and a plastic bag j

     EDepending on the size of cloth, the minimum lot of each cloth will vary.
     EPlease inquiry us about the minimum lot of cloth or the quantity of each product.

     If you have any questions about the above products, request for a quote and place an order
     for them, please fill in an online inquiry and order form, or contact us by phone and fax.
     In order to contact us, please click here. ( The page of "inquiry and order" pops up. )
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