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w Jewellery Keep ‡U x

Improved Anti-tarnish Solution
For Jewelry And Accessory

        Jewelry Keep 2 is an improved anti-tarnish solution for jewelry and accessories which can
     keep the luster of silver, gold, pink gol d and plated products longer.

        Like the following image, you are concerned that cleaned accessories or jewlery become
     tarnished earlier than you expected.

        As for the way to keep the luster of jewelry and accessories longer, we would like to introduce
     Jewellery Keep 2, anti-tarnish solution. Please refer to the following instruction on usage of
     Jewellery Keep 2;

    y Usage z@F
  1. Preparation F
      Put water in the pot. Boil it with the stove.
      Prepare a thermometer.

      Before using this solution F
      Be sure to clean tarnished products with KIRATERIA,
      Silver rip, Silver Cloth or G&S.

  2. Pour F
      Pour Jewellery Keep ‡U into a glass vessel such
      as a beaker.

  3. Warm F
      Put the glass vessel into the heated wataer
      In order to warm it until the thermometer reaches
      up to 45-50Ž. If the temeperature of the solution
      reaches 45-50Ž, it will become transparent.

  4. Immersion F
      Immerse the product into this warmed solution
      for three minutes.
      Take it out of the solution with S-shaped jig or
      plastic tweezers after three minutes.

  5. Washing F
      Rinse the product with running water enough.
      And then, it is recommended that the product should
      be rinsed with purified or ionized water.
      When rinsing, put a plastic vessel or cover the drain
      with a net not to drop it into a drain.

  6. Drying F
      Like stroking the surface gently, wipe off water with
      material easy to absorb water such as tissue paper.
      Without wiping off water, chlorine in the water can
      cause white stains on the product. Do not rub it
      strongly, as the anti-tarnish coat is peeled off.

    y Finished z  F

After using Jewellery Keep ‡U, the shine and color of metal will not change at all.

    y Characteristics of Jewellery Keep ‡U, an anti-tarnish solution for jewelry and accessories z  F

     EJew ellery Keep‡U, an improved anti-tarnish solution, which is ideal for protecting gold, silver,
       and products plated with pink gold from tarnish and discoloration. Therefore,
       it will keep shine of jewellery and accessories longer.
     EAfter soaking products in the Jewellery Keep‡U, they will not get spotted or sticky.
     EJewellery Keep‡Ucreates far more effective and reliable tarnish prevention film
       than previous anti-tarnish solution.
     EJewellery Keep ‡U is aqueous and neutral (pH:7). The safety of it is extremely high.
     EAccording to the metal, the length of anti-tarnish effect will vary.
     EAfter using this solution, return it into a plastic bottle. And, get a lid on the bottle tightly.
       Keep it away from the direct rays.

    y Quantity z  F
  Quantity :   100ml  500ml 1,000ml
@Unit Pirce :   \1,300  \3,500 \5,500
Attachments : Direction and S-shaped jig

     EAs for wholesale price, it will be quoted for based on the lot.
     EOEM order is available.
     EIf you have any questions about usage of Jewellery Keep ‡U or characteristcs,
       please refer to  warnings  in advance.

     If you have any questions about the above products, request for a quote and place an order
     for them, please fill in an online inquiry and order form, or contact us by phone and fax.
     In order to contact us, please click here. ( The page of "inquiry and order" will pop up. )

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