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w ‚f•‚r x
Tarnish Removal Spray
forJewellery and Accessories

       G&S is a tarnish removal spray for gold, silver and platinum.

       Like the following image, it is difficult to clean jewels which are prohibited to be soaked into
     an acid tarnish removal solution.

       As for the way to clean silver accessories and jewelry to which jewels like pearls are fixed,
     we would like to introduce G&S to you. Please refer to the folloing instruction on usage of G&S;

    y Usage z  F

  1. Preparation F
      Before using, shake this can up and down enough.

  2. Spray F
      Prepare a plastic vessel. And, put a product into the
      vessel. After that, spray G&S on the product about
      10 cm away form it.
      Warning F When spraying, do not make a nozzle
                     parallel to the main body or lower the
                     nozzle below than the main body.

  3. Spray F
      Spray the product all oaver.@ 

  4. During cleaning F
      Leave it for from 30 seconds to about 2 minutes.
      However, do no leave it for more than 5 minutes.

  5. Rinsing F
      Wash the product with running water enough for
      a few minutes. When rinsing, put a plastic vessel or
      cover the drain with a net not to drop it into a drain.

  6. Drying F
      Wipe it dry with a soft cloth or a tissue gently.
      Without wipeing drops of water off, cholorine in the
      water will cause whitish stains on the cleaned product.

@@y Finished z  F

Tarnish of silver is removed. Also, the luster of a pearl becomes beatiful again.

    y Characteristics of G&S, a tarnish removal spray for Jewellery and accessories z  F

     EG&S is capable of removing tarnish from Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper.
     EAs the pH of G&S is almost neutral (8-9), this spary is kind to jewels and peals.
     EG&S, an aerosol spray, is portable and the usage of it is very simple.
     EPowerful foam detergency of G&S will remove tarnish from even fine parts.
     EIt is possible to clean approximately 50 round rings with a can of G&S.

    y Examples of jewels that G&S can clean z  F

     EPearl, opal, coral, onyx, turquoise, agate, jade, cameo and ivory
     ¦ Do not spray G&S on colored or painted jewels, adhisive, plated products, silver coloring or
         black oxide finish. It will case tarnish, deterioration, peeling off and decolorization.

    y Technical Information z  F

  EFirst of all, stand the nozzle upright. And then,
    lower the nozzle downward up to 45 degrees.
  EWhen using G&S, be sure to keep the angle
    like the left image.
  EWhen spraying, do not make a nozzle even with
    the main body or do not lower the nozzle below
    than the main body.

    y Quantity z  F
  Quantity F 70ml
  Unit Price F \2,000

     EAs for wholesale price, it will be quoted for based on the lot.
     EOEM order is available.
     EIf you have any questions about usage of G&S or characteristcs,
       please refer to  warnings  in advance.

     If you have any questions about the above products, request for a quote and place an order
     for them, please fill in an online inquiry and order form, or contact us by phone and fax.
     In order to contact us, please click here. ( The page of "inquiry and order" will pop up. )

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