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       This page shows our schedules for exhibitions and demonstration of our jewelry maintenance
     products, introduction of new products and an update history.

    y Exhibitions / Demonstration z

Date Contents Detail
@DEC 20th, 2016 IJT2017   We will participate in the jewelry exhibition
  in Japan called IJT 2017, which is held at
  Tokyo Big Sight from January 23rd to
  26th, 2017.
  Please click here. ( The page of
  "Information about IJT2017" will pop up. )

    y Information / Update history z

Updated Contents Detail
 DEC 26th, 2017 New Year Holidays   Due to the upcoming New Year's Holidays,
  we will be closed from DEC 29th, 2017 to
  JAN 8th, 2018. 
 DEC 20th, 2016 New Year Holidays   Due to the upcoming New Year's Holidays,
  we will be closed from DEC 29, 2016 to
  JAN 5th, 2017. 
 DEC 4, 2015 New Year Holidays   Due to upcoming New Year Holidays,
  we will be closed from DEC 28, 2015 to
  JAN 5th, 2016. 
JAN 19, 2014@ Price Revision Notice@   We will revise the prices of he prices of
  jewellery and accessories maintenance
  products from February 1st, 2015 as

@Kirateria 100ml / 1,500yen
@Foam Kirateria / 1,500yen
@Silver Rip 100ml / 1,300yen
@Silver Keep 100ml / 1,300yen
@Jewellery Keep‡U100ml / 1,300yen
@G&S / 2,000 yen
@Each 500ml / 3,500yen
  Each 1,000ml / 5,500yen
  Gold, Silver and Shammy Cloth / 250yen@

   y Price Revision Notice z

    Dear customers,

      Even though we have been making every effort to avoid to raise the prices of jewellery and
    accessories maintenance products until now, due to the continuous soaring of materials,
    there is no way but we are unfortunately obliged to raise the prices from February 1st, 2015
    at this time.

      Thank you for your understanding in this matter and cooperation, and as always, we will strive
    to provide you with the best service.

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