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Distributor Wanted!!
Non-cyanide Electropolishing
Test For Free

       We appreciate your visiting our website.

       This is Morimoto Co., Ltd., which sells non-cyanide electropolishing solutions for Gold
     and Silverand equipment for them, various plating solutions and devices, other products related
     to jewelry manufacture and process and jewelry maintenance products in Japan. They are made
     in Japan except for injection wax. We have sold them to not only domestic but also foreign
     customers for about two decades.

       This time, in order to expand our sale areas, we begin to look for local dealers to handle
     our products in foreign countries. As a campain for expansion of our sale areas, now,
     we will offer a non-cyanide electropolishing test for free. The free test is for not only local
     dealers but also workers who get interested in our non-cyanide eletropolishing solutions
     instead of using cyanide ones.

y Eamples of non-cyanide electrolytic polishing test z

Pretreatment for silver To find out conditions
suitable for samples
Test reports

       In order to carry out the above free test, we would like you to send us your some samples.
     And then, we are going to test your samples with our products in order to confirm which
     electropolishing solution is suitable for yours. After that, we will be sure to send you
     back your samples with reports on the test result and which solution and equipment we use
     for the test. Based on the test result, we would highly appreciate it if you could decide whether
     you are to purchase our products.

       If you get interested in our products and the above electropolishing test, please feel free
     to contact us. Please take this opportunity to see the effect of our products.
     We hope that we will be able to deal with you in the near future.

       As for the above free tests, it does not include freight costs at all. After finishing the tests,
     we will send you back your samples by cash-on-delivery. Please understand it

     In order to contact us, please click here. ( The page of "inquiry and order" pops up. )

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